D-Link Systems ShareCenter 2-Bay USB 2.0 External Hard Drive Enclosure DNS-325 Black

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D-Link’s DNS-325 ShareCenter 2-Bay Network Storage device is the perfect way to store, share and stream documents, music, videos, and photos with anyone on your network. The DNS-325 allows you to insert your own disk drives and can support up to 4TB of storage capacity. Equipped with four different hard drive modes, Jumbo Frames support, Gigabit connectivity, a variety of built-in servers like a USB Print server, Peer-to-Peer downloader, UPnP AV media servers, FTP and Web File server, and an easy to use management interface, the DNS-325, is a secure and reliable storage solution perfect for any home network.

D-Link Systems ShareCenter 2-Bay USB 2.0 External Hard Drive Enclosure DNS-325 Black

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: : D-Link
  • Model: : DNS-325
  • Warranty: : 3-year limited
  • Hard Disk Description: : External
  • Width: : 8.30 inches

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 4.1 x 5.2 x 7.8 inches ; 2.7 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 4.6 pounds
  • Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
  • ASIN: B004SUO40U
  • Item model number: DNS-325
  • Date first available at Amazon.com: April 4, 2011

Customer Reviews

Excellent product, easy to install, well designed

 February 18, 2012
By RPS "Sawdust"
My wife and I have started digitizing a lot of audio and VHS tapes, and scanning gazillions of photos for our genealogy. I needed a LOT of storage that would be safe and secure. More importantly, I didn’t want to fill our personal PC hard drives up with difficult-to-replace files. Hard drive failures happen all the time. I had never owned or used any kind of network storage before, so I did a lot of online research and settled on the DNS-325. The reasons were primarily the ease with which I could plop in the hard drives, configure them to RAID-1 (mirrored backup) and conveniently give everyone in my house access over our network. Previous versions of this unit (ex: DNS-320) seemed to get pretty consistently good reviews. I opted for the DNS-325 over other versions, primarily because of the increased performance and faster processor. I have also owned a number of D-Link products over the years, and have always been happy with their quality and performance. So far, the DNS-325 hasn’t disappointed.

Installation was a piece of cake. I bought two 3TB hard drives, installed them in the ShareCenter in a matter of seconds, plugged in the ethernet cable and power cable, and from a pc connected to the LAN, ran the installation program on the supplied DVD. After deciding on RAID-1 configuration, it formatted the drives and I went through the other menu options configuring it the way I wanted. I physically located the unit next to my cable modem and router…in our basement.

Then came a surprise. From my connected PC, I discovered that the 3TB hard drives only had 785MB of available storage! I went to D-Link forums and discovered that the firmware version it came with (1.01) did NOT support 3TB hard drives, but the latest version that you can download (1.02) does support them. So I promptly downloaded the new version, and after logging into the DNS-325 over the LAN, was able to upgrade the firmware. I then went to go to the Disk Management menu, and hit the “Set RAID type and Re-Format” button. It promptly reformatted the drives to the full 3TB mirrored configuration. Then, I mapped the ShareCenter as my drive Z: and was off and running.

One thing to consider, is how you set the DNS-325’s sleep mode. I have mine set up to shut down the hard drives after 30 mins of inactivity. If I access it after that, it takes about 10 secs for the hard drives to spin up. At that point access is as rapid as any other hard drive.

I did not configure any of the optional applications, nor have I set it up for any kind of remote access, beyond our home network. So I can’t evaluate any of those features.

Bottom line, this is a quality unit, provides excellent capabilities and seems to be money well spent.

Power savings: It will pay for itself in less than three years

 April 16, 2012
By Darryl Hirschler
I love my DNS-325 so far. At the moment, I have a single WD 2TB “Green” hdd installed. I like the small footprint, the ease of installation, the web browser interface, and the power savings. It boots up fast too. And it’s super quiet.

I previously had a homemade file server (basically an old 700MHz Compaq PC with two 500GB hdds installed, running Ubuntu Server). This Dlink just sips the power. I measured both the old server vs the Dlink DNS-325 using a Kill-a-watt. Here are my findings:

My old server was using ~ 72.5 W. The DNS-325 used 8 W (3.5 while asleep).

My old server used 13.96 kWh over 209 hrs. The DNS-325 used 0.14 kWh over 24.39 hrs.

My old server cost roughly $4.26 per month to operate. The DNS-325 should cost at most 37 cents. It will be less than half that if I allow it to sleep.

This Dlink uses less than 1/10 the power that my old file server used. It will pay for itself in less than three years.

The Basic Home User Crowd Pleaser

 June 16, 2011
By Da Bunkster "Cmore"
Okay, I’ve read reviews on other sites and there were a lot of people complaining about this box and how hard it was to setup, etc. Not true! I added this box to my network to help with my migration from a Windows desktop to a Macbook. Basically wanted a storage server that could host my home videos, music, pictures, etc since my Macbook has limited drive space. This was the answer for me! I added two Seagate 1TB drives, went through the easy setup wizard and I was off and running. Setting up users, groups, shares, etc. isn’t difficult if you have any IT experience. Yes, certain administrative things are buried in the web interface, but add these functions to your favorites and you’ll be golden. I connect this box to my gig network via Ethernet, so transfer speeds are not bad. Skip the USB and add this to your network via Ethernet. I backup my data from this NAS to my old DNS-320 with no real performance issues. I also stream video from this box to my AppleTV 2nd Gen with no issues. I no longer need my large Windows desktop, so out the door it goes. If you’re looking for a decent NAS that won’t break the bank, then this is the answer for you.

Mostly all good

 May 31, 2012
By Richard
With multiple computers in the house I wanted a central location for backups and selected this unit. The installation of the WD hard drives (2TB Green times 2) was easy as well as attaching it to my network. The supplied software has work fined for backing up our computers. Updating the firmware and software from the D-Link site was simple.

Setting up passwords and access for our family users was fairly easy.

I activated the media software that came with the unit. Transferred a DVD to the unit, entered the password in our WiFi enabled DVD player and watched the movie on our flat screen TV. The image quality and the sound are great.

The only issue I’m having is getting the printer port to work consistently. I’ll get it to print and something will go wrong. I’m about to give up on it and from what I read on the web I’m not the only one with issues. The problem is a bother, but since I didn’t buy the unit for the print server it isn’t a deal killer.

The unit has been running cool. I have yet to get the unit’s fan to turn on. I tried by streaming a movie and backing up two computers simultaneously. Didn’t get warm enough to turn on the fan.

I set the unit to go to sleep when not being used. Haven’t had any issues with waking it up.

Perfect! Just what I wanted.

 May 20, 2012
By Caseman James
I have the older model DNS 323, but needed more power than what it was offering. So i decided to buy the DNS 325 which offers more performance is the difference is noticed immediately. Along with this dramatic increase in power and new features, it also offers an attractive and easy to use and understand user interface. I purchased the Western Digital Caviar Green 2 TB Desktop Hard Drive WD20EARX along with the DNS 325 and works like a dream. Performance and capacity together with an attractive outer case.

Fast, Easy to Configure, Works with Time Machine

 June 25, 2012
By N. Emerick
I originally purchase the DNS-320, only to have problems and failures when using it with Time Machine on my iMac. Upgraded to the DNS-325 which is just a higher quality product. Metal enclosure and same configuration as the DNS-320. All features work as described, would recommend to NAS seekers.

DNS-325 A Good Value

 November 26, 2011
By Alvin Whitney "AlWhit"
I use this device to share movies, music, and photos on my home network. The DNS-325 is very functional and is reasonably priced. I especially wanted a NAS where I could add my own drives. Internet access to your files via FTP is possible but not as easy a setup as with some other NAS devices. Do fully understand RAID and your true need for drive fail-over before selecting a RAID config. I chose a standard 2-2TB drive config for max on-network storage and backup to a set of USB drives. All in all it is a good value and solid performer. I would buy again

Good NAS

 February 20, 2012
By A. Jezbera
I have been using this NAS for about 4 months and it has worked well for my home networking needs. I have been able to successfully access files outside of the home network which was pretty simple with the D-Link software and free DNS website. My only gripe is that after completing a firmware update my P2P folder is hidden so it is completely inacessible within windows eplorer. It is still accessible within the internet page, but it has a file size limit of 2 GB so it has locked me away from some files until it gets resolved. Tech Support couldn’t offer any reliable help.

Edit: The inaccesible P2P folder is no longer a problem. After looking through the D-Link forums I saw a post that was helpful in educating me that the P2P folder is seen as a seperate share. So all I had to do was map a new network drive to the P2P folder and can now access all the files in that folder. The NAS has still been working well running with only one drive. I plan on adding a 3TB drive soon.

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