Spin Rewriter: The Secret of 100% Unique and Readable Spun Articles

Spin Rewriter- The Secret of 100% Unique and Readable Spun ArticlesIf you have purchased Spin Rewriter, I’d like to share you about the ideal Spin Rewriter settings. You know, the settings that produce highest quality unique and readable content.

Step 1

  • Enable both the paragraph and the sentence level spinning.
  • Check the ‘change the entire structure of phrases and sentences’ option.

When You click the One-Click Rewrite button in Step 2,

  • select the ‘low risk’ setting.

This way, Spin Rewriter only uses the best possible synonyms.

You can also enable multi-level nested spinning. This helps create articles that are even more unique because it additionally spins entire phrases.

Once yo’re done with my article, move on to Step 3.

  •  click the ‘Settings & Export’ button, and make sure the ‘generated unique versions should not contain any original words’ option is checked.

This way, the unique articles are generated using ONLY the new structures and synonyms that were suggested by Spin Rewriter. All words, phrases and sentence structures that appeared in the original article are now replaced by new ones!

P.S. You can also use the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ option to quickly generate 100% unique articles.

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