WP Bounce Plugin: Clever Way to Make Visitors Click Your Affiliate Links! Used on 3100+ Sites!

“Do You Have an Amazon Site and Would Like to Tripple Your Commission Earnings?”

If you’re promoting Amazon products like me you probably have a few amazon stores built, ..stop leaving money on the table…
I Recommended you to use WP Bounce Plugin that would pull amazon products automatically.

Here’s a quick video walk through:


Everything is Automated Means More Free Time For You.
Everything from generating keywords to pulling relevant products from Amazon is automatic. It saves you time. You simply install it once and forget it. Use saved time to work on your other projects or simply enjoy doing what you love.

Increase Your Click Through Rates -> Get Bigger Checks!
If you already have an amazon store this plugin will do wonders for your CTR! Imagine getting a second chance to pitch your visitor a few more deals right before they are about to leave.You could easily be sending 300% + more clicks to Amazon. How much more money does that equal to you?

5 Easy to Customize Templates. Split Test Your Way to Riches!

2 with amazon products and 3 custom HTML templates. Make the pop window layout match your site design for better conversions. Split test templates to find exactly what works for your site and what doesn’t. Easily disable losers or continue testing other variations like email opt-in forms or click bank products. Split test 5 different attention grabbing titles per every template. Any successfull internet marketer will tell you how important it is to split test and optimize to squize even more revenue out of your traffic.

Here’s what you can customize on your templates:

  • 5 title messages per template for split testing
  • enable or disable template
  • title message font size in pixels
  • title message color with color picker
  • flash the title (on/off)
  • pop window width and height
  • border width in pixels
  • border color
  • border type (solid, dashed, dotted, double)
  • button text
  • button 3 gradient colors
  • 2 types of close button (text link and “x” button)
  • enter custom HTML on 3 custom HTML templates.

WP Bounce picks up SERP keywords the visitor use to get to your page and uses them to pull super-relevant products from Amazon. It gives your visitors exactly what they are looking for. It’s like searching amazon for them and showing the links to products they are looking for. Imagine what this will do to your CTR and conversion rates!
Picture this scenario. A user searched for ‘blue widgets for women’ and your site came up but your page is about general ‘blue widgets’. Right before the user tries to leave – WP Bounce shows a pop up with ‘blue widgets for women’ and you get that click and the commission that otherwise would have been lost!

Location Aware! Never Lose a Conversion From International Visitors Again!
Did you know that if your site promotes products from amazon.com but if the visitor from the UK clicks through and buys you don’t get paid for that conversion? Unfair you scream? I agree. That’s why I made the plugin work with all 9 amazon sites: amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, amazon.ca, amazon.fr, amazon.de, amazon.jp, amazon.cn, amazon.it, amazon.es. WP Bounce automatically recognizes visitor’s country by their ip and sends them to the appropriate amazon site. You can be making commision from every amazon site with any amazon associate program you sign up. You might have been losing 30-40% of your conversions before but WP Bounce will ensure that you get paid every dollar you earn!

See the detailed of WP Bounce Plugin

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